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        • Jinan Shengtai ST106 Series Intelligent

          Integrated distillation apparatus

          It started in 2009

          Intelligent instrument development laboratory distillation of the original creator

          National invention patent products

          Covering 31 provinces and autonomous regions, nearly 3,000 users

        • Automatic liquid-liquid extraction apparatus

          STC Series

          Automatic breathable liquid-liquid extraction apparatus

          Only one key extraction without ventilation

          Automatic waste discharge

          Automatic cleaning

        • ST106C

          Nitrogen flow rate proportional distribution system

          Built-in compressor cooling system

          Tablet PC remote operation



        Product applications

        We will occasionally update the application programs on the product, if necessary, self-Search, we will develop a detailed application product applications.

        Video Applications

        We provide product application video, check out the video carefully, we will use the product detailed explanation and demonstration, if in doubt, please consult us.

        Product Manual

        Intelligent integration of sulfur dioxide residues tester manual, if necessary, please login to view registered members.

        S Request

        If you have any after-sales questions, please download service application form, fill and give feedback mailbox, we will seriously deal with each customer feedback.

        Catalog Download

        We offer product samples to download, if demand, please click on the link to download.

        Product Trial Application

        I company for some products offer trial services. If you do have a trial demand, please try to download the form, sent to our mailbox after completed: stkj1988@163.com

        about us

        Shandong Province, Lixia District of Jinan City Jiefang Lu Chia Tai Times Square Room 110 901-904



        ABOUT US

        Jinan Shing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional commitment to new laboratory analytical instruments, intelligent pre-processing equipment, on-line monitoring of quality control equipment and associated analysis and monitoring equipment research and development production and marketing of new technology-based enterprises.

        The company invited senior analytical chemistry experts as technical advisers, while the collection of electronic, chemical, machinery manufacturing, software development and other aspects of talent, technology innovation and quality management for the support...

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